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Library’s Building Committee: Notes from October 13 Meeting

Posted by isulib on October 21, 2010

More computers will be added to the Basement level; however data drops are needed. These will be refurbished computers. In a meeting with Alberta, Student Government President Steven Flowers indicated that the campus really appreciates everything the library is doing to make it a comfortable place for students to study as well as just hang out. He had a request that we get more bean bag chairs for the 1st floor, and we will be selecting a variety very soon to add to the four that are already there. Reports are in from The Shelving Guys and the University’s structural engineer; major changes will have to be made that will include drilling and bracing, looking for shelves that are bowing down now and relieving them. This will be a large project, and the University will be providing funding to make everything safe and up to code. The replacement of the red laminate tops on the Circulation Desk [which had already become worn in just a few years], the Reference Desk, Writing Center, and Cup/Chaucer has been completed; numerous on-campus people have complimented the Library for this refreshing and reinvigorating change.  Next meeting: Wed. Nov. 10, 1:30

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