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Special Collections: Recent Editions

Posted by isulib on October 21, 2010

Special Collections Recent Acquisitions

The department recently received a copy of Vincenzo Azopardi’s Picocolo Dizionario Maltese-Italiano-Inglese (2009) in facsimile from Frans Sammut, who produced a scholarly introduction.  The interesting thing about the facsimile is that it was produced from a digitized copy that David Vancil scanned at Mr. Sammut’s request.  This was a true scholarly collaboration, as Prof. Sammut provided us with the name of the author of a book which we used to have cataloged under title.

 Another acquisition of note is Thesaurus Theutonicae Linguae (1573), a very rare dictionary of Dutch, French, and Latin, the first major Dutch dictionary.  Thanks to Alberta for finding the funding for this book.  (The last one offered for sale was in 1982.  This copy used to belong to the Grolier Club.)

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