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Book Sale: Prices and Advance Sales

Posted by isulib on March 1, 2011

ADVANCED SALES:  We do not do advanced sales or have special ‘preview’ customers for anyone, not even library staff. So, if you come at 8am on day 1, you’re seeing everything we have for sale.


  • Audio Cassette Tapes: $1.00
  • CDs/DVDs: $1.00
  • Children’s Books: $0.50
  • Grab bags: $1.00
  • Hardbacks: $1.00
  • Paperbacks any size: $1.00
  • Maps: $1.00
  • Records/VHS Tapes: 3 for $1.00 [as is]
  • Pictures [if we have any]: $1.00
  • Magazines [if we have any]: $0.50

Questions: Dara Middleton, Library Events & PR Coordinator, 812.237.2560;

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