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Art & Library: Remote Surroundings Installation April 14-20

Posted by isulib on April 14, 2011

Students in Indiana State University’s Advanced and Intermediate Computer Art, Spring 2011, have installed a multi-station, multi-floor, multi-computer monitor art exhibit, “Remote Surroundings“, a site-specific exhibition of sound, animation and video art inspired by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities

Opening Reception Thursday April 14, 4:30-6:30, Library Events

Come and ‘explore the Library, encounter the unfamiliar’!

Remote Surroundings Art Installation

"Remote Surroundings" Art Installation, April 14-20

Description provided by artists:
Students were asked to choose a chapter from Invisible Cities. Each chapter in this exquisitely evocative book describes a strange, alien, exotic city. The narrator, a fictionalized Marco Polo, recounts his observations of these distant lands in a highly concise and concrete manner, with the effect of producing vivid, elusive and abstract mental images in the mind of the reader.
Students began using only sound to interpret the city of their choice. Being limited to the inherently abstract medium of audio allowed students to transcend the specificity of word and image ininterpreting the text.
Next, the students exchanged their audio files with a partner. Without knowing which chapter was represented by the audio that they received, they used video and animation to create an accompanying moving image. The resulting combined artwork is distanced from the original text through layers of interpretation and translation.
The projected presentation that you will see on the walls of the Library’s Events Area is silent – the audio has been removed. However, each individual piece has been placed in a different location throughout the library, along with headphones. As you search the shelves, seek out a nice place for a nap, or settle down to study, you may be chance run into one of these strange lands. If so, please take a few moments, put on the headphones, listen and enjoy!
Students: Carly Rice, Carlton Hoyles, Candice Comelleri, Austin Woodall, Elise Roberts, Austen Leake, Laura Shull, William Saxhaug, Shannon Call, Amanda Hickey, Sean Kennedy
Library note: the Library does have a copy of Invisible Cities at PQ 4809 .A45C513  

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