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Extravaganza morning! Note to Staff from Dean

Posted by isulib on September 15, 2011

I just walked around the first floor and I am so impressed with the organization. The new signs look great and so professional! What a great idea to use changeable signs. The food area looks like we can handle 5000 students (hopefully, not all at the same time!). Lots of balloon and color, everything tidy and clean. Prizes are ready to go. Distance learners will be included to make them feel part of campus. Lots of information that you will be passing on to our users about library resources and services. Food, fun, prizes, information, meeting and greeting old and new friends….Extravaganza number 9 will start in just a few hours. Before the crowds get here and we start “rockin’ and a rollin’ ,” I just wanted to express my appreciation for all that you do to make the Library “the campus living room.” Thank you.

And let the fun begin!



Alberta Davis Comer

Dean of Library Services


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