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University Staff and Students Help Homeless Animals during the Holidays

Posted by isulib on November 28, 2011

Staff and Students Help Homeless Animals during the Holidays

A cart that will be accepting a variety of goods will be in various locations on campus over the next several weeks.

The Terre Haute Humane Society continues to be full of furry friends looking for a loving home especially during the holiday season.  Staff and students at Indiana State University hope to make the animals’ short stay at the shelter a happy and hopeful one by taking donations of many needed supplies.

Toys, canned food, towels and blankets to snuggle in are just a few things on the “Wish List” for the Terre Haute Humane Society and money for the supplies is always appreciated.  The donation drive, sponsored by the College of Technology at Indiana State University, hopes to “Fill the Cart” from different areas of the university so van loads of supplies can be delivered to the shelter prior to the holidays.

The cart will be available to accept donated goods at the following places and dates:

  • Nov. 28 – 30: Bayh College of Education, Room 109 (dean’s office)
  • Dec. 1 – 2: Library, main entrance
  • Dec. 5 – 7: Stalker Hall, first floor (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Dec. 8 – 9: Scott College of Business, Room 1109 (dean’s office)
  • Dec. 12 – 16: Myers Atrium (College of Technology)

One Response to “University Staff and Students Help Homeless Animals during the Holidays”

  1. Carlie said

    As an animal lover, I appreciate and commend the actions that ISU is taking to help on this issue.

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