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Library Building news: plans and more plans

Posted by isulib on May 1, 2012

From recent meeting of the Library’s Building Committee comes this report of things to come:

1) a bottle filling station will be installed where the water fountain is on the first floor by the main stairwell

2) we’re getting an estimate on cost for purchase and installation of new carpet, badly needed on 1st floor – and boy, do we have a lot of floor!

3) serious re-model of Cup & Chaucer Cafe: glass walls will divide the cafe from the Library entrance; new entrance to the Cafe will be where current 1st floor display cases located, so people will come through the Library’s entrance gates and then into the Cafe – a slightly longer trip but will help noise and security

4) MediasScape stations: 2 will be here for/by Fall: 1st floor model will be lower regular desk/table level; 2nd floor will have a counter-height style – like the model we had for 2 months on the 1st floor – very popular! – see earlier blog entry for photos

5) coming to the 2nd floor ‘alcove’ area where the children’s materials were and which is now an open area for studying: BOOTH seating with POWER OUTLETS; other new seating, both individual and modular; group study desks; white boards; 20-24 NEW ELECTRICAL DROPS

6) 1st floor Browsing area: we are now using the McNaughton service to receive browsing books and we don’t need as much shelf space, so BOOKS ON CD – yes we still have them – will move to that area. Within the Browsing Media area, Musical DVDs and CDs will move closer together

7) New floor maps will be created and posted next to the elevators on each floor

Timelines for all of the above are unknown but we hope a lot will be done by Fall and/or in the coming year.


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