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Library Student Assistants recognized at campus events

Posted by isulib on April 30, 2013

Distinguished Student Assistants: Circulation, Writing Center, ILL and Acquisitions

Congratulations to the nominees and *distinguished student assistants who were acknowledged during the Career Center Student Employment Programs 2013 Student Assistant Recognition Ceremony. The event was held on April 9th in Dede I, and the library was well represented. Our students: *Lee Reynolds, Zakaria Jouaibi, Elizabeth Ballone, *Lee Johns and *Amanda Hubbard were all recognized for their efforts. Congratulations to them and their supervisors!

 Library’s Student Assistant Recognition Awards Reception 2013

Lee Johns and Lee Reynolds were presented with the Student Assistant Recognition Award 2013 at the Library’s awards reception last week. Lee Johns, graduate student from Vermillion, has worked in the Acquisitions Unit of Technical Services for 4 ½ years. His supervisor is Vickie Magill.

Lee Reynolds, graduate student from Indianapolis, has worked in the Writing Center for 2 years. His supervisor is Nicole Bailey. Congratulations to both Lee Johns and Lee Reynolds on their outstanding work. In addition, all student employees were recognized at the reception and thanked for their dedicated work. Student employees help fulfill the Library’s mission to the University and its students, staff, and faculty. Here’s a big thanks to all of our student employees.

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