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Library’s New Public Services Department Re-organization Process Moves Forward

Posted by isulib on September 3, 2013

The public face of the Library is its various service points, represented by our Circulation/Reserve counter, our Reference Desk with its big red neon ASK? sign, plus the OIT Student Desk – all on the 1st floor of the Library, as well as Special Collections (3d floor) and the Math and Writing Center (now reporting to Student Success, newly merged and now located on the 2nd floor). As of July 1, 2012, the Circulation and Reference/Instruction departments were merged into the new Public Services Department, complete with a new Department Chair (Brian Bunnett). Now comes the process for making this all work. Mr. Bunnett has created the Public Services’ Project Planning Team (Andrea Boehme, Carey Sturgeon, Karen Evans, SteveHardin, and himself), and the first meeting took place August 27.

The purpose of this team is to create a plan that will govern how the department’s desk integration project will unfold.  All members of the Public Services Department will eventually participate in this project.  They will conduct an evidence-based, data-intensive examination of desk operations here at the CML as well as at other libraries.  Based on this research they will, in May 2014, present a series of recommendations to library administration about triaging our references services, integrating our various desks, training, and assessment.  The Project Planning Team will do its best to keep the rest of the library well informed as the project proceeds.

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