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Library Co-Sponsoring Personal Digital Archiving Conference (Indianapolis)

Posted by isulib on March 10, 2014

Registration is now open for the Personal Digital Archiving 2014 Conference in Indianapolis, April 10-11. This international conference is co-sponsored by Indiana State University Library, the Library of Congress, and the Indiana State Library. Special Collections Department Chair, Cinda May (ISU), William Lefurgy (LoC) and Connie Rendfeld (ISL) are co-chairs of the conference. Details about the program and registration are available at

From this site: PDA 2014 explores the intersection between individuals, public institutions, and private companies engaged in the creation, preservation, and ongoing use of the digital records of our daily lives. The conference reflects upon the current status of personal archiving, its achievements, challenges, issues, and needs as evidenced through research, education, case studies, practitioner experiences, best practices, the development of tools and services, storage options, curation, and economic sustainability. There is also interest in the role of libraries, archives and other cultural heritage organizations in supporting personal digital archiving through outreach or in conjunction with developing community history collections.

Day 1 Keynote Speaker: Andrea Copeland, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis; “The Social Life of Personal Information”

Day 2 Keynote Speaker: Keynote Speaker: Charles R. Cross, music historian, author & biographer; “Kurt, Jimi and Lots of Heart: One Biographer’s Research Methods”


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