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Librarian Receives Grant to Explore Librarians’ Role in Disaster Management

Posted by isulib on October 16, 2014

Brian Bunnett (Public Services Department Chair), Principal Investigator, and Dr. Dorene Hojnicki, Investigator and Director of the Vigo County Emergency Management Agency, recently received a grant of $23,000 from the National Library of Medicine to determine if librarians have a role to play in disaster management and emergency response.  In the initial phase of the project, the PI will participate in meetings of local disaster management agencies to determine local emergency response training and information needs.  This is expected to be followed by training sessions and by the establishment of a disaster management reference service based at the Cunningham Memorial Library.  $9,000 worth of disaster management information resources will be purchased for the library through the grant.  The project will also explore if librarians can play a coordinating role in organizing local emergency response/disaster management agencies.

The first training session took place on September 29 at Ivy Tech in preparation for the Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) simulation that occurred on October 2. The PI will next participate in a disaster simulation, with students from ISU’s College of Nursing, on October 24.

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