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Wednesday, April 1: Exposium Schedule – in Landini [not Library]

Posted by isulib on March 27, 2015



 Musical Performances, Theater Performances, and Readings throughout the day

 10:00 – 12:00 The Following Students will Present

  • Martin Maynard – “Justice Surrogate” (SS)
  • Tara Hopkins
  • Divya Ramesh – “Her Name is Lakshmi” (SS)
  • Chris Stevens – Poem
  • Carey Ford – One Short Story (SS)
  • Kristin Alayna – “Tears” (Poem)
  • Kristin Alayna “Tortured” (Poems)
  • Nancy Thompson – “The Keeper of Light” (Poem)
  • Levi Elmore – “Thoughts on the Beauty of Nature” (Poem)
  • Mustafa Mustafa – One Short Story (SS)
  • David Tracy – “Downtown Ice” (Poem)
  • Chris Stevens – Poem
  • Lindsey Hintz – “Biotown, USA” (Poem)
  • Esther Perisho – “The Benefits of Punching a Hobo” (SS)
  • Esther Perisho – “Here Lies” (SS)
  • Martin Maynard – “War” “Broken” “Arkansas” {for filler}
  • Chris Stevens – Various Poems {for filler}

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