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July 30: Please come to view student Poster Sessions from Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences

Posted by isulib on July 28, 2015

SURE Symposium Poster Sessions (11:00am-1:00pm) Events The 2015 Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) program is hosting symposium poster sessions in the library’s Events Area.

SURE 2015 Program

The science departments at Indiana State University solicit applications from students interested in participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) 2015 Program. The program is open to all ISU undergraduates who wish to pursue research in the natural sciences and intend enroll in classes at ISU in the fall semester of 2015. Because the science faculty are particularly interested in encouraging students who are early in their undergraduate career to pursue research, it is anticipated that several fellowships will be offered to first- and second-year students. Fellowships are generally offered to students who have completed at least one year of coursework in biology, chemistry, geology, and/or physics by May 2015.


Student research fellows will spend ten weeks during the summer actively engaged in research under the direction of the science faculty. The SURE 2015 program is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, May 20 and end on Friday, July 31. Alternate beginning and ending dates can be considered at the request of the research fellow. However, a total of ten weeks effort is generally expected. Research fellows will be awarded a $3,500 scholarship for full-time (~40 hrs/wk) effort or a $1,750 scholarship for half-time (~20 hrs/wk). It is generally expected that full-time research fellows consider this experience their principal source of income for the summer. The faculty are not particularly interested in offering full-time fellowships to students who have significant employment commitments outside the SURE program. Students may hold a part-time job, in addition to their full-time fellowship, but their work hours for that job should be largely limited to weekends. In addition to hands-on research, the SURE research fellows and their faculty advisors will participate in a Friday seminar series. Research fellows will periodically give five-minute presentations of their research progress during the course of the summer. Research fellows will also have the opportunity to present their work at the SURE 2015 Research Symposium to be held at the conclusion of the 10-week experience. Students will be encouraged to continue their research and present their activities at regional and/or national research symposia during the 2015-2016 academic year.

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