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October 31: Weekend Fall Festival in Library Events – Programs All Weekend

Posted by isulib on October 29, 2015


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Sesquicentennial Oral History Project and ISU Alums (Tribune-Star story)

Posted by isulib on October 29, 2015

Featured article in October 29, 2015 Tribune-Star:

Two families — linked for decades by Indiana State — recall courtships, athletic successes

See link for complete article and more photos


excerpted/reprinted from Tribune-Star

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October 30: Ancient Greece and Rome Attack the Library – Yes, It’s Classics Fest!

Posted by isulib on October 27, 2015



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2015 University Service Awards Recognition for Seven Library Staffers

Posted by isulib on October 26, 2015

The library has seven staff members who will be honored for 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service to the University this year. They will all be honored at a special invitation-only brunch hosted by the President on October 29.

Dara Middleton will be recognized as a recipient of the 2015 University Medallion in addition to her recognition for 30 years of service. The University Medallion was established in 1997 to recognize Indiana State University staff displaying a history of loyalty, dependability and service to the University and the Terre Haute Community. The University Medallion is the highest honor that can be conferred on an employee by the University. ISU staff members nominate individuals they feel have shown exceptional spirit throughout their years of service to ISU, distinguished achievement in their career, and involvement in the community. Their nominations are submitted to the President for review, consideration and final selection. Past library recipients: Ellen Watson (2001), Joan Evans (2003), Betsy Hine (2009).


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New Pew Center Survey: Slightly fewer Americans are reading print books, and e-book reading has not increased significantly

Posted by isulib on October 21, 2015


Slightly fewer Americans are reading print books, new survey finds.


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November 3: Troy Brownfield: Graphic Novelist and ISU Alum

Posted by isulib on October 20, 2015


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Math and Writing Center Updates

Posted by isulib on October 20, 2015

Ms. Ellie Pounds, who has served as the Math & Writing Center’s administrative assistant for the past year and as a leader in math tutoring in the past, is now the Interim Coordinator of the center. In the past, Ellie has worked on marketing and special programs like the Summer Math Refresher and Math Fellows for the center.

Her work will now include hiring, training, and directly supervising the MWC’s 45 tutors and front desk workers, as well as scheduling workshops and in-class presentations. Her creativity, professionalism, and enthusiasm for implementing programs that help students develop a love for math and writing will surely continue to benefit her in this new role.

Ms. Pounds will now serve as the primary contact for scheduling presentations, or for questions about appointments and policies.

Nicole Bailey, Executive Director of Student Success, remains available to consult with faculty about writing-specific concerns.

Feedback or ideas regarding the center’s programming can be directed to either Ellie ( or Bailey (


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October 20: World Statistics Day

Posted by isulib on October 20, 2015

Statisticians: A Goodness of Fit Test

By One or More Census Bureau Statisticians

In honor of World Statistics Day, let’s talk about statisticians. While lots of people use statistics in their jobs every day (such as sports writers, stock analysts, weather reporters, biologists, engineers, economists, sociologists, epidemiologists, practicing physicians, nuclear physicists and lots more), only 45,145 or so (standard deviation 2,150) describe themselves as “statisticians” on the American Community Survey.

Who are these number crunchers? It seems like we should look at some numbers.

Statisticians are equally likely to be male or female. Their mean age is statistically indistinguishable from the labor force (40.8 years and a sizable margin of error, compared with 41.4 years).Yet that mean is misleading, as they so often can be. Referring to the attached histogram, the reader will discover statisticians are concentrated far more heavily in their late 20s and early 30s than the general labor force population.

READ MORE: Statisticians: World Statistics Day

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Celebrating Andrea Boehme: Staff Person of the Year

Posted by isulib on October 19, 2015

Andrea Boehme, Circulation Supervisor, received a plaque and other amenities at this morning’s celebration of her achievements.

From Brian Bunnett’s Remarks (Chair, Public Services Department):

On July 1, 2013, Andrea started as the Circulation Unit’s first manager. Since that time she has created a coherent, unified, and productive unit and established herself as its strategist, its leader, and its trainer and instructional designer – and sometimes as its billing clerk, expert reference person, liaison with campus police, and change machine fixer. Some of her distinguishing characteristics include her judgment (which I trust implicitly), equanimity, good sense, willingness to work however long it takes to get the job done, her creativity, openness to change, her volunteer spirit, and her not so secret crush on Alan Rickman. She has provided excellent supervision to a new and unproven unit during a time of constant change. She is great to work with no matter what the project. Andrea-1

Even though Andrea is one of the library’s youngest staff members she is already well into the PhD Educational Leadership program here at ISU. That degree will augment the two master degrees she already has, one in Library Science and the other in Educational Technology. Is it any wonder that those of us in Public Services believe that we will all be working for her one day?


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Indiana Memory Digital Preservation Collaborative

Posted by isulib on October 18, 2015

A new statewide initiative is reaching out to Indiana State University. ISU faculty received a digital preservation grant. However, the grant money is not just helping out the university.

In the age of technology saving digital files is becoming more important. To address that concern, Indiana State faculty received a grant for $51,000 to establish the Indiana Memory Digital Preservation Collaborative.

“All of this digital content that’s being created all over the state of Indiana by cultural heritage organizations and in particular the small and mid-sized organizations that have very little money,” said Cinda May. May is the project’s leader.

She said, The Cunningham Memorial Library will oversee the server. It will hold digital files from local libraries, museums and organizations from all over the Hoosier state. “Here at ISU we will be running where all of the content that the IMDPC (Indiana Memory Digital Preservation Collaborative) if you will, is going to put into the network will come through here.”

The goal is to get 20 participants for the startup, but eventually 500 organizations getting involved over time. It will take hard work and a dedicated team. Students will be employed and Metadata specialists will come in to the library to help out.

“It gives them an opportunity to really have some experience working with digital files, and we all need to learn to better manage our digital photographs,” said May.

ISU will join MetaArchive Cooperative. The servers constantly checks systems, to ensure the data is still there. “Every file that goes into the network will be replicated six times so there will actually be seven copies out there, in seven different geographic locations,” May added.

Funding divided into three parts, education, hardware, and data preparation. To help preserve the Indiana State’s and Indiana’s digital memories. The grant is from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.


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