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Indiana Memory Digital Preservation Collaborative

Posted by isulib on October 18, 2015

A new statewide initiative is reaching out to Indiana State University. ISU faculty received a digital preservation grant. However, the grant money is not just helping out the university.

In the age of technology saving digital files is becoming more important. To address that concern, Indiana State faculty received a grant for $51,000 to establish the Indiana Memory Digital Preservation Collaborative.

“All of this digital content that’s being created all over the state of Indiana by cultural heritage organizations and in particular the small and mid-sized organizations that have very little money,” said Cinda May. May is the project’s leader.

She said, The Cunningham Memorial Library will oversee the server. It will hold digital files from local libraries, museums and organizations from all over the Hoosier state. “Here at ISU we will be running where all of the content that the IMDPC (Indiana Memory Digital Preservation Collaborative) if you will, is going to put into the network will come through here.”

The goal is to get 20 participants for the startup, but eventually 500 organizations getting involved over time. It will take hard work and a dedicated team. Students will be employed and Metadata specialists will come in to the library to help out.

“It gives them an opportunity to really have some experience working with digital files, and we all need to learn to better manage our digital photographs,” said May.

ISU will join MetaArchive Cooperative. The servers constantly checks systems, to ensure the data is still there. “Every file that goes into the network will be replicated six times so there will actually be seven copies out there, in seven different geographic locations,” May added.

Funding divided into three parts, education, hardware, and data preparation. To help preserve the Indiana State’s and Indiana’s digital memories. The grant is from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.


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