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Celebrating Andrea Boehme: Staff Person of the Year

Posted by isulib on October 19, 2015

Andrea Boehme, Circulation Supervisor, received a plaque and other amenities at this morning’s celebration of her achievements.

From Brian Bunnett’s Remarks (Chair, Public Services Department):

On July 1, 2013, Andrea started as the Circulation Unit’s first manager. Since that time she has created a coherent, unified, and productive unit and established herself as its strategist, its leader, and its trainer and instructional designer – and sometimes as its billing clerk, expert reference person, liaison with campus police, and change machine fixer. Some of her distinguishing characteristics include her judgment (which I trust implicitly), equanimity, good sense, willingness to work however long it takes to get the job done, her creativity, openness to change, her volunteer spirit, and her not so secret crush on Alan Rickman. She has provided excellent supervision to a new and unproven unit during a time of constant change. She is great to work with no matter what the project. Andrea-1

Even though Andrea is one of the library’s youngest staff members she is already well into the PhD Educational Leadership program here at ISU. That degree will augment the two master degrees she already has, one in Library Science and the other in Educational Technology. Is it any wonder that those of us in Public Services believe that we will all be working for her one day?


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