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Feb. 17 Webinar: Islamophobia on campus: From micro-aggressions to hate crimes and violence

Posted by isulib on February 15, 2016

ISU Library Instruction Classroom 230

2:00pm – 4:30pm

The Islamic faith is one of the world’s largest religions and can be found in almost every country across the globe. Media coverage in the USA typically only focuses on the actions of extremists, creating a culture of violence, fear, and hostiles. ISU is currently attracting more international students every year, meaning that we are increasing the number of Muslim students on and around campus.

This webinar will explore practical information related to the safety, security, and well being of both Muslim students and Muslim community members in and around the Terre Haute area. Topics covered will include: creating an inclusive environment for all Muslim students, faculty, and administrators, and appropriate ways of discussing and handling incidents on campus swiftly and appropriately.

The Center for Global Engagement, the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, the Equal Opportunity and Title IX office, Multicultural Services and Programs, and the Office of Student Success are cosponsoring this event.

The live webinar will run from 2-3:30 p.m., with a 1 hour discussion to follow. Handouts will be provided. islamophobia

Questions: Kara Sterling – 812-237-4627


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