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September 14: Fall Exposium Highlights Student Research

Posted by isulib on September 13, 2016


WEDNESDAY September 14, 2016

10:00 – 2:00

10:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  • Bethany McCarty; Brogan Thomas: Reaction of Copper(I)-Alkoxides with Organosilanes
  •  Caleb Harrison; Robert Pawlak; Brycen Ratcliffe: Dietary Nitrate and Vascular Health
  •  Joshua Coovert: Metal Complexes of “Fragrant” Isocyanides
  •  Courtney Natt; Kush Patel: Tracking the Creek: Seasonal Nitrate and Ammonium Fluxes in Otter Creek, Indiana
  •  Keith Johnson; Savannah Price: Testing for Correlations between Common Measures of Health in Mountain Spiny Lizards (Sceloporus  Jarrovii)

 10:30 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  •  Robert  Pawlak: Exercise-Induced Blood Flow Patterns
  •  Kathryn Gilbert: Risk Factors Associated with Childhood Obesity in Sullivan, Indiana

  11:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  • Cierra Natt; Eric Hibbets; Abram Detwiler; Caroline Meunier; Zachary Kozelichki:         Genetic Variation of a Controlled Population of White-Tailed Deer
  • Elie Gaskill: Fire on the Mountainside: Lily Lake Charcoal
  •  Harjas Singh; Kennedy Camden; Takoda Sons;  Andrew Kump; Manoj Panta; John Dalloul: Functional Identification of Genes Involved in Cardiogenesis
  • Keeley Williams; Megan Osmon: Chemotherapeutic Resistant Breast Cancer Cell Lines
  • Brycen Ratcliffe: Validation of Flow Mediated Dilation
  •  Star Leonard:  Solid Phase Extraction
  •  Bansari Modhera; Juan Nysschen: Inductive and Hyperconjugative Effects on Carbocations
  •  Andrew Gerard: Healthcare Worker Views and Perceptions of the Flu Vaccine and Mandatory Vaccination Policy

  11:30 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  • Olivia Neese:  Management and Adherence to Treatment Plan of Adults Ages 30 to 65 with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Julie Murphy; Breonnia Elkins; SzuFang Chuang:  The Technological Changes in the Workplace and Continuous Development of Employees
  • Tulsi Vaid; Sarah Ford: White-Throated Sparrow Morphology          

12:00 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  • Brandon Mikesell: Progress Towards Phosphinoboration of Alkynes
  • Patrick Cheek: Sucrose Metabolism in Kombucha Tea
  • Hunter Gill; Ethan Rath: Using QSASRINS to Predict the Bacteriostatic Effect of Antimicrobial Compound Candidates against Foodborne Pathogens

12:30 Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  • Emily Brana: Diatom Analysis of Devil’s Lake Wisconsin
  •  Derick Minick: Studies on a One-Pot Synthesis and Isolation of Cyclobutene Oxide
  •  Amy Watts: Project 3D
  • Wendi Dong:  Identifying Clusters of mRNA-miRNA Pairs in a Network
  • Samantha Zent: Balancing Privacy, Protection, and Progress: Evolving Law Governing the Use of Newborn Screening Data

1:00  Authors will be onsite to discuss their work:

  • Rebecca Rudisell:  Influence of Hyperconjugative and Inductive Effects on the Acidities of Carboxylic Acids
  • Wendell Kirkman:  Catalytic Petasis Reaction and the Asymmetric Synthesis of d-Lactones
  •  Mason Gay: The Incidence of Alcohol in Trauma
  •  Priyadharshini Manikandan: Investigating the Labor Intervention Rates in Spontaneously Laboring Women Based on Cervix Dilation Measurements.
  •  Madalaine Mishler; Brandy Bell; Jessica Jones; Ashton Henderson; Laura Johnson: Lost and Found: Religion in a College Context

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