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New Library Homepage (Beta)

Posted by isulib on June 10, 2014

A link to the beta library homepage is displayed on the current library homepage (since May 19). We are still working out some bugs but the structure is static.  Currently the footer is made up of links to pages that receive high hit counts, but that may change over time. Our next step is to work on mobile development of the library homepage.

Once the mobile homepage is functional we will begin work on the second level pages.

Our pages will eventually reflect the university’s new identity standards and guidelines. Throughout the next year we will use the Drupal theme the university will supply to populate a Drupal site that we will migrate to next summer.

Questions or comments? Email Systems Department Chair, Stephen Patton.

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Question: Why do you shelve your DVDs that way?

Posted by Heather on August 23, 2013


DVDs at the library

Recently, someone left us a comment:

Put your DVDs in a better order. Example: Horror, Action, Cartoons, Romance, Mystery, etc.

Let me begin by explaining how the DVDs are currently shelved. We have six main sections. First, are the new arrivals – things we recently purchased. Next are the feature films in alphabetical order. If you walk around the corner, you’ll find a section for TV Series, Documentaries, Animation, and Foreign Films also in alphabetical order.

So, why don’t we shelve them by genre? Well, the explanation is simple – alphabetical order and really broad categories make things easier to find. That’s the bottom line.

While shelving things by genre (romcom, action, western, scifi, etc.) can be helpful when you are browsing, it’s rather a nightmare to put things back in the right place, and to find things when someone wants a specific title.

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