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February 15: Celebrate Black History Month with a Read-In!

Posted by isulib on February 10, 2017


Wed. February 15, 1pm – 4pm – drop in any time. 

Readings & Refreshments


National Read-In Info

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Feb. 7: 12th Darwin Day: BEES!!!

Posted by isulib on February 3, 2017


Tuesday, February 7, 7pm in Library Events

Speaker Info Barrett Klein

Speaker’s Website Barrett Klein

The Library is also a co-sponsor.

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Jan. 25: PolSciPanel: Prospects for the Foreign Policy of Donald Trump

Posted by isulib on January 18, 2017


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Honors Poster Sessions: Three Days!

Posted by isulib on December 6, 2016

Honors Poster Sessions Timetable 

Students will be on hand during the times specified. All are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, December 7


Kelli Buchanan: Nursing shortage continues to be an increasing issue in the U.S.

Ben Downing: NSA: The breach of our civil liberties

Lauren Edwards: Prevention and treatment of overuse injuries in athletes

Cami Lee: Gluten sensitivity: A recognized disease or a trending medical fad?

Hannah Mauck: The correlation between Black Live Matter and police brutality

Kirstyn Quandt: The rise of corporate social responsibility

Samantha Memmer: What are the effects of myofascial release on patients?

Emilee Pemberton: Decreasing nosocomial infections in hospitals

Makenzie Roe: Analyzing how the mental health system interacts with the legal system in the United States

Olivia Smith: Vaccination efficiency


Loren Baran: The Disability Rights Movement: A literature review

Marissa Clifford: Nonviolence: How the movers and shakers of the movement left a lingering impact

Kaelynn Cox: Technology and its impact on our youth

Taylor Flahive: The impact of the health illiterate in America: Addressing the issue

Lauren Karcher: A comparative analysis of the U.S. healthcare system

Yahzmine Rodriguez: Looking to the East: South Korean influences in the success of Hyundai’s branding in America and abroad

Alyssa Schultz: The debate on chronic Lyme Disease

Rhagen Smith: Medication administration errors: Causes, effects and prevention

Brittany Vancil: Indiana’s teacher shortage: An analysis


Kathleen Ash: TBA

Benjamin Baumgartner: Energy sustainability

Matthew Barley: Bioavailability of Pb in urban soils in Terre Haute, Indiana

Matt Bly: Ancient ocean environmental changes off the Costa Rican margin between 18,000 and 480,000 years ago based on benthic foraminiferal ecology and assemblages

Briana Dickinson: Does Mental Illness Have an Impact on Crime?

Natalie Lewis: How does the vocabulary development of severely to profoundly hearing impaired children differ from that of their typically hearing peers?

Kelsey Patrick: Women in mathematics

Samara Shackelton: Legalizing prostitution: Benefitting victims, law enforcement, clients, and sex workers themselves

Jamia Wallace: African-American males in the prison system and social factors

Thursday, December 8


Pierre Allen: Internet security

Leatha Dawson: A dose of optimism

Dana Hobbs: Neuroimaging techniques and their applications in trauma and mental illness

Shondalin Galloway: Bariatric surgeries: Issues with the bariatric system process

Luke Hollifield: The history and possible future of prosthetics

Devyn Mikell: #BlackLivesMatter: Unraveling the confusion

Terra Scharlach: Is exercise medicine?

Shane Varvil: Why is there a lack of minority coaches in both college and professional Football

Alexandria Whittington: How party affiliated news outlets use specific language to appeal to their viewers

Rheanna Wolfgang: Our system works, just doesn’t always work out


David Enteman: Replacement of fossil fuels with nuclear energy

Makenna Graham: The evolution of the female role in public accounting

Nicole Hostetter: Are there viable alternatives to chemotherapy?

Sarah Lindsay: The impact of music

Kyle Mullins: Heart and soul of the Bible: An analysis of Genesis and Matthew

Shannon Murphy: TBA

Alisha Pritchard: Standards-based grading

Mallory Reckerd: An evaluation of potential female performance in combat arms jobs and benefits of gender-integration

Leah Salmon: Connecting positive program evaluation results to increased nonprofit organizational efficacy to achieve fundraising goals

Madison Scott: Evolution in the portrayal of women in Spanish cinema

Bree Spangler: The troublesome R sound: An investigation into its complexity and treatment strategies

Friday, December 9


Kylie Adkins: Literary trends and suffering

Chelsey Bailey: Erin Oprea’s 4×4 Diet on Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle for a Happier You

Kelsey Darin: Impact of promotion in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry

Haley Hale: Hand gestures as unspoken language: origins, contexts, and social consequences

Meghan Mattingly: Animal-Assisted Therapy in the hospital setting

Alicia Moss: Crime prevention: What is successful?

Ashley Renner: Language barriers and their effect on client access to social services

Laura Renner: Prescription drug abuse among medical professionals

Autumn Sowers: Childhood health in America

Erika Smith: Analyzing acid mine drainage on an Indiana lake Using diatom sediment records


Nicholas Amor: Youth sports complex

Heather Scott: Aaron Copland: The composer of America

Kayla LaVigne: America’s biggest health concern: Obesity on the rise

Abigail Layer: Music for all: Providing an inclusive music experience for students with disabilities

Patricia Claire Lovell: TBA

Kelsey Clayton: Barbie: An inspiration

Adam Hoff: Is Iraq a failed state?

Jasmine Ortega: Glamorizing gore: Serial killers’ portrayal in the media

Sabrina Pendola: TBA

Kristi Sanders: The downfalls of mediated communication

Joe Seyforth: CrossFit: The Sport of Fitness

Nathaniel Shanklin: Relativistic effects of spacecraft with circumnavigating observers

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Study Week Bake Sales in Library Lobby

Posted by isulib on December 5, 2016

December 7 & 8 


Honors Council Bake Sale 

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Nov. 30: Gender Studies Art Show

Posted by isulib on November 29, 2016

11am-7pm – Come anytime and browse the art works created by this semester’s Gender Studies 200 students.



Photos from Fall 2015 Show


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Nov. 15: National Family Involvement Day Event

Posted by isulib on November 10, 2016

2016 National Family Involvement Day Event: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm in Library Events Area

Sponsored by Center for Global Engagement, the Office of Communications and Marketing, and ISU Cunningham Memorial Library

Potential participants: young children (i.e., 3 to 5 year olds) and their families

Program: literacy lessons, puppet shows, board games and more


Parking: No ISU parking permit is necessary after 5 pm on ISU campus.

Yong Joon Park, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dept. of Teaching and Learning, Bayh College of Education:  

Over 30 Elementary & Special Education major and Early Childhood minor students and Yong Joon Park, associate professor in the department of teaching and learning, are hosting the event for Indiana State families and Terre Haute community members with 3-5 year old children.

The event will provide community members free education program for young children for the special day such as family involvement strategies, family picture taking, light snacks, literacy & math activities, board games, puppet shows and more!

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Oct. 28: Schedule for Classics Fest

Posted by isulib on October 27, 2016


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November 2: Another “Long Night Against Procrastination”!

Posted by isulib on October 24, 2016

For research and writing assistance, stress relief or just taking a break by playing a game, coloring or having a snack, students are invited to drop-in any time to the Long Night Against Procrastination event at Cunningham Memorial Library. From 8 p.m. to midnight, Wednesday, November 2, in the Library Events Area, reference/instruction librarians will help you get started or continue with your research. Representatives from the Math and Writing Center will also be available, with opportunities for follow-up appointments. Student Health Promotions will provide stress relief support

Take a study break with games, coloring and snacks. Visit the Student Health Promotions table for stress reduction tips. In addition, attend short presentations

  • 8:30: Math/Writing
  • 9:30: Intellectual Stress Relief
  • 10:30: Library Research)
  • or, from 8-9pm, pet a therapy dog

More information on the event:   and #ISU-LNAP; #ISULIB; or call (812) 237-2560.


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Oct. 26-27: 5th Work-Life Integration Conference – Schedule

Posted by isulib on October 20, 2016


Everyone on campus can find something of interest at this conference! Two days of programs, a keynote and reception and Resource Tables. Come and go as you can. DO NOT MISS THIS! See photos from the 2014 Conference.

Conference planners Drs. Debra Israel. Cindy Crowder and Barbara Eversole have a packed schedule for the Library Events Area.


8:30 – 9 am light continental breakfast and discussion

9-9:50 am Pregnant Rosies and Soldier’s Babies: Reproduction, Care and Work-Family Balance during World War II , Dr. Ruth Fairbanks, Instructor, History and Gender Studies, Dept. of Multidisciplinary Studies

10- 10:50 am Work-Life Balance for Students Dr. Barbara Eversole, Associate Professor of Human Resource Development, Human Resource Development and Performance Technologies Department, ISU.

11 -11:50 am The college student’s dilemma:  Work-Time Use-FlexibilityDr. Lonnie Golden (our keynote speaker later today)

Noon- 12:50    Breastfeeding: Practice, policy, and public perceptions, Dr. Amanda Lubold, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Dept. of Multidisciplinary Studies, Dr. Tina Kruger, Associate Professor, Dept. of Applied Health Sciences, and Melissa Bennett,  Vigo County WIC Program

1 – 1:50 pm Family Friendly Supervisors: Simply Effective Managers? Dr. Barbara Eversole, Associate Professor of Human Resource Development, Dept. of Human Resource Development and Performance Technologies

2-2:50 pm Work-Life, Pay Gaps, and Promoting Gender and LGBTQ Equality, Marsha Miller, Cunningham Memorial Library and Debra Israel, Associate Professor of Economics and Gender Studies

3-3:50 pm Promoting Positive Change at the Personal and Policy Level – A Collaborative Workshop (Facilitated by Barbara Eversole and Debra Israel primarily for University faculty and staff)

4 pm- 5 pm Time to explore the RESOURCE TABLES (Library books & DVDs; American Association of University Women materials; American Association of University Professors materials; Community resources) – Note: Resource Tables will be available throughout the conference. See the AAUW table or Marsha Miller for a special conference rate for joining AAUW.


5:30 – 6:30 pm KEYNOTE:

Workplace Flexibility and Humanistic Resources: Benefits and Costs for Employees, Organizations and Society

Dr. Lonnie Golden, Professor of Economics, Penn State University – Abington, Senior Research Analyst, Project for Middle Class Renewal, Univ. of Illinois School of Labor and Employment Relations

Link to Dr. Golden’s Google Scholar citations

ADDITIONAL FEATURE: 8 pm, Listen on your radio to WISU, 89.7, All Things Wabash Valley with Dr. Phil Glende, for an interview on Work-Life Integration with Dr. Barbara Eversole and Dr. Debra Israel.


9 – 9:30 am light continental breakfast and discussion

9:30 am – 10:45 am Are You Developing the WHOLE Employee? An Interactive Workshop with Dr. Cindy Crowder, Chairperson, Dept. of Human Resource Development and Performance Technologies

11- 12:15  Promoting Positive Change at the Personal and Policy Level – A Collaborative Workshop (Facilitated by Barbara Eversole and Debra Israel primarily for University faculty and staff)

12:30 – 1:45 pm Introduction to Upcoming Book Discussions on Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time by Brigid Schulte and Finding Time: The Economics of Work-Life Conflict by Heather Boushey

2 – 3:15 pm Paid Parental Leave at ISU: A Framework for Action, Dr. Amanda Lubold, Dept. of Multidisciplinary Studies, with her Medical Sociology students

3:15 pm- 4 pm RESOURCE TABLES available for browsing (Library books & DVDs; American Association of University Women materials; American Association of University Professors materials; Community resources)

4 pm- 5 pm Graduate Student Success Strategies Session Organizer: Dr. Donna Selman, Chairperson, Dept. of Multidisciplinary Studies

Many thanks to our sponsors:

Bayh College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, Scott College of Business, College of Graduate and Professional Studies, College of Technology, Cunningham Memorial Library, Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence, Dept. of Communication, Dept. of Economics, Dept. of Human Resource Development and Performance Technologies, and Dept. of Multidisciplinary Studies.

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