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Library ‘front yard’ Getting Attention

Posted by isulib on June 26, 2015

The lawn between the library entrance and 7th Street is criss-crossed with cement and asphalt sidewalks. Work has commenced to replace the asphalt with cement and put in new cement.

Yard-1 Yard-2 Yard-3

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State of Indiana’s INSPIRE launches new version

Posted by isulib on June 10, 2015

While ISU people have access to the world of information thru a variety of databases, all Indiana taxpayers not associated with colleges and universities have access to some of the same or similar resources thru INSPIRE, Indiana’s Virtual Library. For a list of the databases, from the opening screen, click Help and scroll down or do a search and look thru the resulting facets.

A message from State Librarian Jacob Speer:

A new version of INSPIRE ( has launched. The overall user experience has improved with better search results and new features. This is a ‘soft launch’ and ISL staff are testing the site and fixing a few issues. Within the next week a brief tutorial of the changes will be sent to the listservs. Please tryout the new INSPIRE and send any comments or questions to

Users are not currently able to search some Gale resources, including TERC (Testing Education Resource Center), but the issue will be resolved shortly.

Note from ISU Library Blogger: the new image will look familiar to ISU people who use Ebscohost databases and/or the Discovery research approach via SycaMORE Research:


INSPIRE has been around since 1998! Be sure to try it out if you haven’t already. During 2014 INSPIRE statistics were performed!

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Special Collections Exhibit: “Hooray for the Summertime”

Posted by isulib on May 12, 2015

Special Collections [3rd floor] presents its new exhibit, “Hooray for the Summertime”, curated by Dennis Vetrovec and Josh Stabler. The exhibit celebrates the arrival of warm weather and illustrates the concepts of play, work, adventure, and music through the use of materials from the Rare Books and Manuscripts collections and University Archives. The exhibit will run through the end of July, so put on your sunglasses, grab a cool drink, and come up to see what the season has to offer.


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New Indiana State art curator takes Stella painting to France

Posted by isulib on May 6, 2015

Only a few of weeks into the job, the new curator of the Indiana State University Permanent Art Collection is preparing one of its most valuable pieces for a bon voyage. Jason Krueger, a 2013 Master of Fine Arts graduate, departed Monday for Marseille, France, with “Smoke Stacks,” a 1935-era oil on canvas by Joseph Stella.

Packaged in a special waterproof crate, the Stella piece — valued as much as $1.5 million — will be accompanied by Krueger through the backdoors of customs areas and have its own trucks for transportation. Krueger will additionally be carrying white gloves in case customs wants to check the painting.smokestacks

“At first, it sounded like I was going to have to sleep in the warehouse with the painting, but they have security and staff for it (at night),” he said. “I still have to get up early and stay late to make sure it’s handled and hung properly.”

The packaging crate is so specific that the manufacturer was concerned the painting wouldn’t fit after learning Krueger intended to wrap it in protective paper. “So, the thickness of the paper on two sides mattered. It just fit in the box,” he said, adding that it took two hours to get it packaged.

On the plane, “Smoke Stacks” will be held in a climate-controlled, pressurized portion of the cargo hold. “If we crash in the middle of the ocean, ostensibly, the black boxes and the Stella will survive and nothing else. You won’t be able to find it, because it won’t have a beeper on it. But it’ll be there,” he said.

“Smoke Stacks” is part of the “FUTURS: De la Ville aux Étoiles” exhibit, running May through October, that explores the impact of science, industry and technology on the inspiration of modern artists leading to works that are poetic, futuristic and/or portray utopias. Stella’s works will be displayed in the room of a Roman-era building with recessed windows that project same shape of light that Stella portrayed in his paintings.

“It’s going to be this connection between the world-changing Roman Empire and Stella’s portrayal of the world-changing industrialization,” Krueger said. “The same pattern of light is going to be both in the space and the paintings.”

The Stella piece has been previously loaned for exhibitions in New York, Belgium and Athens, Ga. While Krueger is unsure how the most recent exhibitors learned of Indiana State’s painting, the exposure only increases its value. “We’re known as a good lender from when we lent to Belgium a couple of years ago,” Krueger said. “I’d like it to go to Italy some day. That’s where Joseph Stella was born.”

“Smoke Stacks” has travelled so much that when it returns in the fall, it’ll go into storage to “rest,” rather than being returned to the office of John Murray, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

“Light isn’t good for any of us, but a lot of people don’t think about artwork being living things. So, they’re out and about all of the time. If we were out and about and didn’t tuck in or take a vacation, we’d get damaged, too,” Krueger said. “These pieces are going to out-live us, and I’d like for it to out-live us for a long time.”

After Krueger, who started work in early April, returns from France, he’ll have his work cut out for him managing the rest of the Permanent Art Collection, which recently went under control of the university’s Cunningham Memorial Library’s special collections department. “Cunningham Memorial Library is delighted to have responsibility for the Indiana State University Permanent Art Collection,” said Robin Crumrin, dean of the library. “The international demand for Stella’s ‘Smoke Stacks’ is only one indication of the significance of the entire collection. The library is uniquely positioned to provide ongoing access and preservation of the entire collection for the future.”

As with any transition, there’s the usual untangling of websites and files, and Krueger has been researching software specifications to determine what’s best for managing the collection — keeping it both safe and accessible. “Part of my job is going to be putting up the rest of the great work that we have so that people can find it in an online catalog,” Krueger said.

The library’s stewardship gives the collection and curator more day-to-day support. The library, too, could become a model building for the collection. “The library deals with rare and unique materials all of the time in its special collections department, so it was a good fit to have the Permanent Art Collection as part of special collections because of its emphasis on conservation and access to primary source materials,” said Cinda May, chair of special collections. “People on the library staff are very excited about it and are looking forward to new opportunities to combine art with what we do with other information sources.”

Sorting out what should be in the Permanent Art Collection, which includes two-dimensional art, as well as ceramics and sculptures, is another challenge for Krueger, as the collection has a “long and varied history” of how pieces were introduced. Some pieces were gifts from individuals or institutions, while others were purchased by a department or the university. “What I’m going to enjoy the most is seeing the collection grow and develop into something that reflects the strengths on campus and shares that with the campus and broader collection,” Krueger said.

Pieces in the Permanent Art Collection can be loaned to university offices through an application process. As in the Stella piece, “there are instances when it’s important for the collection or scholarship for us to break those loan agreements. I hope it happens a lot, but I hope not to the point where people feel it’s disruptive,” he said. Krueger would like to start a conservation cycle of the collection’s key pieces, with “Smoke Stacks” taking priority. “It’s in really good shape, but I’m sure there are things we can do to make sure that it continues to be in great shape,” he said.


Photos: — Jason Krueger, curator of the Indiana State University Permanent Art Collection, poses for a portrait in the storage area. — Jason Krueger, curator of the Indiana State University Permanent Art Collection, poses for a portrait in the storage area. — “Smoke Stacks” by Joseph Stella (Italian-American, 1877-1946), oil on canvas, 36×30 inches, c. 1935.

Contact: Cinda May, special collections chair at Indiana State University’s Cunningham Memorial Library, 812-237-2534 or

Writer: Libby Roerig, media relations assistant director, Office of Communications and Marketing, Indiana State University, 812-237-3790 or


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Library Student Assistant Awards and Scholarships 2015

Posted by isulib on April 15, 2015

The Student Assistant Recognition review committee has completed its deliberations and the recipients of this year’s Student Assistant Recognition Awards (S.A.R.A.), the Swearingen Family Award, and the Myrl O. Wilkinson Scholarship have been selected. The 2015 honorees will soon be recognized and presented with their honors at a brief ceremony. (Time and date for the student appreciation reception and award ceremony will be finalized shortly.)

 Congratulations to all these exceptional student assistants and their supervisors, and many thanks to the committee for their fine work.

 2015 Student Assistant Recognition Award recipients

  • Ariel McQuade, Public Services (Paula Huey, supervisor)
  • Brittany Irwin, Technical Services (Vickie Magill, supervisor)

 2015 Swearingen Family Award recipients

  • Mason Bolton, Public Services (Paula Huey, supervisor)
  • Jenny Pitts, Public Services (Paula Huey, supervisor)

 2015 Myrl O. Wilkinson Scholarship recipients

  • Kayleigh Decker, Technical Services (Deb Taylor, supervisor)
  • Cheyanne Jenkins, Technical Services (Vickie Magill, supervisor)

 Not only will this year’s honorees be recognized and receive awards from the Dean, all our student assistants who will be degree recipients in 2015 will be recognized individually by the Dean and presented with a certificate of appreciation and a nice gift as well.

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April 8: Library Events Area = rain location for Reeve Hall Sculpture dedication

Posted by isulib on April 6, 2015

4/8/2015 – Reeve Hall Sculpture dedication rain location – (2:00 – 3:00 pm) in the Library Events Area

If the weather doesn’t cooperate for the dedication of the sculpture for Reeve Hall, the ceremony will take place in the Events Area.

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Indiana State library adds 15th century dictionary to collection

Posted by isulib on January 30, 2015

Indiana State University’s Cunningham Memorial Library has added another rare dictionary to its esteemed Cordell Collection.

One of the first known examples of a German-to-Latin dictionary, “Vocabularius incipiens teutonicum ante latinum” was published in 1495 by Johann Gruninger. The small quarto still bears its original binding and has few blemishes.

“The book itself is wonderful. It’s the only copy of this book in the United States,” said Cinda May, chair of the special collections department at the library.

The 382-page dictionary is unpaginated, but it was hand-numbered in ink, presumably by an owner. The incunable dictionary — a term referring to one printed before 1501 in Europe — is bound with a pigskin cover by the Augustinians at the Ulm monastery of St. Michaels. Its “pastedowns are as white as newly fallen snow,” with manuscript ink and rubrication “so pristine as if they were created in our own time,” said David Vancil, curator emeritus of the Cordell Collection.

Vancil saw “Vocabularius” for sale in a bookseller’s catalog and contacted May, who had overlooked the entry. May happened to have money in her acquisitions budget and made the purchase — an especially important one, considering the book’s rarity, May said.

“It surprised David, because he was joking,” she said.

The Cordell Collection of Dictionaries, Word Books and Philological Texts is open to the public and provides a unique opportunity for people to see artifacts from the first days of printing.

The bookseller, Bruce McKitterick, said he was pleased “Vocabularius” found a home in the Cordell Collection, as McKitterick’s father assisted Warren Cordell in its creation, May said. “Vocabularius” features a Gothic typeface but is considered to be visually plainer than many German books of the era — a quality that aids readability.

“This work is worthy of study by historians of the development of book production, including the creation of inks, paper and the printing itself — all coming a short 40 years after Gutenberg’s 1455 Bible,” Vancil said.

While the author of “Vocabularius” is anonymous, experts presume it was written by a teacher, likely affiliated with the church.

“Of course, one outcome of such a book would have been to help create dominant usages and spellings, so it’s likely that this dictionary exerted influence in both establishing dominant spellings for German words and in developing subsequent dictionaries, not only in German but in other languages,” Vancil said.

This specimen is also unique regarding the organization of words, as bilingual dictionaries of this time normally would have listed the Latin or Greek term first.

“With respect to the development of the English language and English lexicography, early dictionaries in Latin, Greek and continental languages can offer insight into borrowings, early definitions and usages and even modal shifts in vocabulary use and word meanings in English itself,” Vancil said. “Who knows if English bilingual Latin-to-English dictionaries, which developed somewhat later than this dictionary, might have been influenced in some way by this dictionary.”

The tome also provides some social context for the people of that era. For example, one unexpected definition is for pancakes fried in blood.

“This tidbit opens a small window on a food eaten by Germans at the time,” Vancil said. “Thus, word books can open a window, which otherwise might remain closed into the habits and interests of societies of bygone.”


Photos: — “Vocabularius incipiens teutonicum ante latinum,” a German-to-Latin dictionary published in 1495, is the only one of its kind in the United States. (Tony Campbell/Indiana State University Photography Services) — “Vocabularius incipiens teutonicum ante latinum,” a German-to-Latin dictionary published in 1495, is the latest addition to Cunningham Memorial Library’s Cordell Collection of dictionaries. (Tony Campbell/Indiana State University Photography Services) — “Vocabularius incipiens teutonicum ante latinum,” a German-to-Latin dictionary published in 1495, is the latest addition to Cunningham Memorial Library’s Cordell Collection of dictionaries. (Tony Campbell/Indiana State University Photography Services)

Contact: Cinda May, special collections chair at Indiana State University’s Cunningham Memorial Library, 812-237-2534 or

Writer: Libby Roerig, media relations assistant director, Office of Communications and Marketing, Indiana State University, 812-237-3790 or


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Finals Week: Afternoon Snacks!

Posted by isulib on December 8, 2014

Tuesday December 9 thru Thursday December 11, the Alumni Association will be in the lobby, passing out snacks to the students.

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ISU Legacy Award Family Members Visit Library

Posted by isulib on September 28, 2014

During yesterday’s ISU Family Day, members of the Alumni Association’s 2014 Legacy Award family made a special visit to the ISU Library. One of the family members had a career as a librarian and also published five books, several of which were on display.

As ISU Today reported in its story dated August 6: The Hood family’s legacy of three generations of Sycamores spanning all four institutional name changes earned the Hoods the 2014 Legacy Award. A full story about the Millender sisters (and others) appears in the August 1, 2014 STATE Magazine.

Dolly (Hood) Millender (’41)and several other family members met with Dean Robin Crumrin, Reference/Instruction Librarian Edith Campbell, and Library Events Coordinator, Dara Middleton, escorted by Hilary Duncan (ISU Foundation), as they toured the Library and viewed the display of Ms. Millender’s books.


Legacy Award: Hood Family

Legacy Award: Hood Family

Legacy Award: Hood Family

Legacy Award: Hood Family

Legacy Award: Hood Family

Legacy Award: Hood Family

Legacy Award: Hood Family

Legacy Award: Hood Family


Legacy Award: Hood Family

Legacy Award: Hood Family

Photos provided by Edith Campbell

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Posted by isulib on July 29, 2014

Reference’s chat has been revived.

New Homepage Design: Location of Reference Chat

New Homepage Design: Location of Reference & Circ Chat

Chat is easier to find than ever – as we continue to upgrade all library website pages to the new look, you’ll see a chat window on right side of the pages, along with our news [blog], and hours links.

Plus, here’s a DIRECT LINK to the Chat page.



Chat Link - all pages

Chat Link – all pages

Back-ups: remember, you can always use our reference email service or call 812.237.2580.

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