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Library staff gets into Thanksgiving Basket challenge

Posted by isulib on November 20, 2014

turkey_walking_confidently_sm_wht>>It all began simply enough with an email in early October from Dara Middleton, Library Events Coordinator on behalf of the Dean:

We’d like to participate in the Thanksgiving Food Basket program for the Senior Programs Office of Western Indiana Community Action Agency. The Thanksgiving baskets will be given to the Foster Grandparent Volun teers who otherwise might not have a Thanksgiving meal.

“The Foster Grandparent Program is a nonprofit composed of low-income seniors who spend their weekdays at local schools and daycares. They provide a positive influence on the children that they work with, oftentimes being rewarded with flowers by their classrooms as a “thank you” for doing such a good job. These are not just normal volunteers. These people want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They understand that some of these children do not have a role model at home, and these grandparents are there for them. One of the biggest rewards these volunteers receive is just being called “Grandma” and “Grandpa.” To someone who may not have grandchildren, this might just be the catalyst for them to keep helping out.” (from the donation letter).

If you would like to participate, please let me know the item(s) from the following list, you would like to donate. Or, if you prefer, donate money to be used toward the purchase of items for the baskets. We thought we’d aim for 3 baskets.

The baskets are to be delivered around November 20th, so please don’t bring in a turkey just yet.


>>That email was followed with one that upped the ante:

The Systems Department is issuing a challenge to the Admin Office, Public Services, Special Collections and Technical Services to each sponsor a Thanksgiving Basket for the Foster Grandparent’s program.

Each department has the option to:

1) Collect items and/or money and send the items & money to Dara, who will do the shopping for the items not donated

2) Collect items and/or money and someone in the department shop for the items not donated.

3) Opt out of the basket all together. Individuals in the department can still contribute by sending items/money to Dara, who will create a basket.

Then time passed as each department went about gathering its items in its own way.

Finally today, November 20, we saw the culmination of everyone’s efforts. The original goal of 3 was surpassed with a grand total of 7, and packed in re-usable laundry baskets. Thanks to Ginger Garvey for providing the transportation needed to get everything delivered in one trip and thanks to the departments: Public Services, Technical Services, Library Administrative Office, Systems, and Special Collections.

7 Thanksgiving Baskets

7 Thanksgiving Baskets

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Educators from Thailand Visit ISU

Posted by isulib on April 10, 2014

The Bayh College of Education is hosting a delegation from Thailand. They’re spending two weeks in the library researching material for their PhDs.

The delegation is made up of school superintendents, principals and teachers who are attend Roi Et Rajabhat University. The group is headed by Dr. Kriangsak Srisombut, Dean of the College of Education.

Librarian Edith Campbell (Reference/Instruction; Public Services) conducted an instruction session for them.

Thai Educators and Librarian Edith Campbell

Thai Educators and Librarian Edith Campbell


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New Student Orientation Tours – photos

Posted by isulib on June 7, 2012

Here they come!

Incoming tour group

Heading over to the Writing Center with Librarian Rolland McGiverin

New Student Tour Group

Annnnnd, there they go, past the print Reference Collection,

heading towards our Events Area

New Student Tour Group

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Students Using the prototype Media:Scape workstations

Posted by isulib on March 23, 2012

They just step up, plug in and get right to work. The verdict? “Very cool!”



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Library Wildlife

Posted by isulib on November 11, 2011

When you have a decades old building surrounded on 3 sides by decades old shrubbery, you could end up with many generations of chipmunk. They live their own lives and you can often find one perched, majestically or watchful or possibly just pensive, sitting on one of the rocks amongst the shrubs. This one was on the south side, on our chilliest day thusfar – today – with a little breeze. Just after I snapped these with my Android on its fullest zoom, it turned around and looked at me accusingly.

Library Chipmunk

Library Chipmunk

Library Chipmunk

Library Chipmunk

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ISU Library Pic of the Week

Posted by isulib on March 24, 2008

One of my favorite photos from the Wabash Valley Visions and Voices collection.

WV# Phone Pic

Go here to see it full-size- A Kaiser

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