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February 11: Friend Me! International Perspectives from Research and Personal Experience

Posted by isulib on February 9, 2015

Friend Me:  International perspectives from research and personal experience (2:00 pm – 3:00 pm) Events Area

Panel discussion as part of the College of Arts & Sciences Community Semester: Virgil Sheets (Psychology); Christine Strong (Study Abroad); Zachariah Mathew (Center for Global Engagement)

Everyone has struggled with the challenges of making friends in a new setting. Add a difference of cultures and languages to the mix, and the challenge becomes even more complicated. This panel discussion will explore some solution:

  • What can psychology teach us about the meaning of friendship, and ways to overcome some of the predictable obstacles to making friends?
  • What tips can experienced travelers and border-crossers share about how to break the ice and make opportunities for yourself?
  • How do definitions of friendship, and the expectations of a friend, differ across cultures?

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