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Honors Poster Sessions: Three Days!

Posted by isulib on December 6, 2016

Honors Poster Sessions Timetable 

Students will be on hand during the times specified. All are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, December 7


Kelli Buchanan: Nursing shortage continues to be an increasing issue in the U.S.

Ben Downing: NSA: The breach of our civil liberties

Lauren Edwards: Prevention and treatment of overuse injuries in athletes

Cami Lee: Gluten sensitivity: A recognized disease or a trending medical fad?

Hannah Mauck: The correlation between Black Live Matter and police brutality

Kirstyn Quandt: The rise of corporate social responsibility

Samantha Memmer: What are the effects of myofascial release on patients?

Emilee Pemberton: Decreasing nosocomial infections in hospitals

Makenzie Roe: Analyzing how the mental health system interacts with the legal system in the United States

Olivia Smith: Vaccination efficiency


Loren Baran: The Disability Rights Movement: A literature review

Marissa Clifford: Nonviolence: How the movers and shakers of the movement left a lingering impact

Kaelynn Cox: Technology and its impact on our youth

Taylor Flahive: The impact of the health illiterate in America: Addressing the issue

Lauren Karcher: A comparative analysis of the U.S. healthcare system

Yahzmine Rodriguez: Looking to the East: South Korean influences in the success of Hyundai’s branding in America and abroad

Alyssa Schultz: The debate on chronic Lyme Disease

Rhagen Smith: Medication administration errors: Causes, effects and prevention

Brittany Vancil: Indiana’s teacher shortage: An analysis


Kathleen Ash: TBA

Benjamin Baumgartner: Energy sustainability

Matthew Barley: Bioavailability of Pb in urban soils in Terre Haute, Indiana

Matt Bly: Ancient ocean environmental changes off the Costa Rican margin between 18,000 and 480,000 years ago based on benthic foraminiferal ecology and assemblages

Briana Dickinson: Does Mental Illness Have an Impact on Crime?

Natalie Lewis: How does the vocabulary development of severely to profoundly hearing impaired children differ from that of their typically hearing peers?

Kelsey Patrick: Women in mathematics

Samara Shackelton: Legalizing prostitution: Benefitting victims, law enforcement, clients, and sex workers themselves

Jamia Wallace: African-American males in the prison system and social factors

Thursday, December 8


Pierre Allen: Internet security

Leatha Dawson: A dose of optimism

Dana Hobbs: Neuroimaging techniques and their applications in trauma and mental illness

Shondalin Galloway: Bariatric surgeries: Issues with the bariatric system process

Luke Hollifield: The history and possible future of prosthetics

Devyn Mikell: #BlackLivesMatter: Unraveling the confusion

Terra Scharlach: Is exercise medicine?

Shane Varvil: Why is there a lack of minority coaches in both college and professional Football

Alexandria Whittington: How party affiliated news outlets use specific language to appeal to their viewers

Rheanna Wolfgang: Our system works, just doesn’t always work out


David Enteman: Replacement of fossil fuels with nuclear energy

Makenna Graham: The evolution of the female role in public accounting

Nicole Hostetter: Are there viable alternatives to chemotherapy?

Sarah Lindsay: The impact of music

Kyle Mullins: Heart and soul of the Bible: An analysis of Genesis and Matthew

Shannon Murphy: TBA

Alisha Pritchard: Standards-based grading

Mallory Reckerd: An evaluation of potential female performance in combat arms jobs and benefits of gender-integration

Leah Salmon: Connecting positive program evaluation results to increased nonprofit organizational efficacy to achieve fundraising goals

Madison Scott: Evolution in the portrayal of women in Spanish cinema

Bree Spangler: The troublesome R sound: An investigation into its complexity and treatment strategies

Friday, December 9


Kylie Adkins: Literary trends and suffering

Chelsey Bailey: Erin Oprea’s 4×4 Diet on Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle for a Happier You

Kelsey Darin: Impact of promotion in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry

Haley Hale: Hand gestures as unspoken language: origins, contexts, and social consequences

Meghan Mattingly: Animal-Assisted Therapy in the hospital setting

Alicia Moss: Crime prevention: What is successful?

Ashley Renner: Language barriers and their effect on client access to social services

Laura Renner: Prescription drug abuse among medical professionals

Autumn Sowers: Childhood health in America

Erika Smith: Analyzing acid mine drainage on an Indiana lake Using diatom sediment records


Nicholas Amor: Youth sports complex

Heather Scott: Aaron Copland: The composer of America

Kayla LaVigne: America’s biggest health concern: Obesity on the rise

Abigail Layer: Music for all: Providing an inclusive music experience for students with disabilities

Patricia Claire Lovell: TBA

Kelsey Clayton: Barbie: An inspiration

Adam Hoff: Is Iraq a failed state?

Jasmine Ortega: Glamorizing gore: Serial killers’ portrayal in the media

Sabrina Pendola: TBA

Kristi Sanders: The downfalls of mediated communication

Joe Seyforth: CrossFit: The Sport of Fitness

Nathaniel Shanklin: Relativistic effects of spacecraft with circumnavigating observers

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April 28 & 29: Honors theses presentations

Posted by isulib on April 28, 2016

Students in the University Honors Program will present their honors thesis research on April 28 and 29 in the Library Events Area.

The poster sessions are open to the campus community and visitors at the following dates/times:

 Session 1: Thursday, April 28, 9:00-11:00 AM

  • Alexandra Albrecht: Technology and the effect on students’ literacy
  • Olivia Bays: Bilingual education in the United States: Classroom methods
  • Tucker Brush: Bringing quality healthcare to rural areas
  • Leslie Cates: Athletic trainers: Paving the way in patient-centered care
  • Bryant Clayton: A matter of love and hate: R&B’s symbiotic relationship of the African American community
  • Victoria Collins: Stigma surrounding mental illness
  • Samantha Flis: The controversy of standardized testing
  • Lena Grunloh: Muscle activation during a downward dog push-up
  • Lisa Hathaway: Are there any relationships between results of the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory and dietary habits?
  • Jacob Kemp: Fibromyalgia: Fact or fiction? The debate inhibiting diagnosis and treatment
  • Tim Kemp: The unequivocal dangers of global warming: A need for increased climate change research and improved communication
  • Colby Pomar: The real world of standardized testing
  • Arnan Rahmatullah: An analysis of the Sit-To-Stand Test as a measure of vestibular health
  • Michaela Sherman: How Christian Are you?
  • Austin Skaggs: Whole-food plant-based diet: A comparative analysis to a western diet and the implications that they have on our health, economy, and environment

Session 2: Thursday, April 28, 12:30-2:30 PM

  • James Carroll: Sycamore Outdoor Center marketing plan
  • Shanita Davidson: College students’ personality and gender affects perceptions towards sexual behavior
  • David Heath: The schisms of “isms”
  • Allexis Mahurin: Smokeless tobacco effects on enamel health and dental caries
  • Erika Nord: Effects and causes of tooth decay
  • Dylan Rupska: The Sexual Revolution: How the culture of sex has changed
  • Amber Showalter: Generational conflicts in the workplace: Recommendations to solve these conflicts
  • Meagan Stenger: Wellness programs affecting the workforce
  • Samantha Trinkle: Educational and societal adaptations for deaf and hard of hearing individuals
  • Lacey Vair: Youth and vaping: The harmful effects of e-cigarettes
  • Nicholas Wine: Interpretatio Graeca: A study of the Ephesian Artemis
  • Faith York: ADD/ADHD in the classroom
  • Keeley Williams: Creating a chemotherapeutic breast cancer cell line

Session 3: Thursday, April 28, 2:30-4:30 PM

  • Taylor Cable: Caseload issues in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Bryah Edelen: Electronic cigarettes: Usage, safety, and chemical makeup
  • Megan Effner: Criminalization of co-occurring mental illness with substance abuse: A review of causes and current program effectiveness
  • Clifford Franklin: Shades of war: A thematic cross-examination of WWII music and literature
  • Greg Gallagher: Mobile devices in the physics classroom
  • Drew Garnes: Hip-Hop: From a movement to a business
  • Breanna Herring: Eating disorders in relation to dietetics and psychology
  • Emily Horine: The truth behind the Speech-Language Pathology shortage
  • Meghan Jacobson: The effects of standardized testing
  • Jackie Michl: The controversy of vaccines: Protecting our herd
  • Nicole Porter: Say yes to drugs: The ethical dilemmas of pharmaceutical industries and physicians
  • Kaitlyn Schmitt: Cochlear Implants: An exploration of history, advancements, and impacts on language
  • Haley Seifert: The racist roots of police brutality
  • Christopher Stanton: Defining our origins
  • Aubree Stebbins: TBA

Session 4: Friday, April 29, 8:00-10:00 AM

  • Joshua Appel: Adjusting to life after football
  • Jessica Axsom: Religious Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: The controversially effective treatment
  • Krystal Barnhorst: The use of technology and the impact on the legal profession
  • Dyllanne Deischer: United States immigration: Past, present, and future
  • Allison Duerk: America’s most dangerous woman: Anarchism, gender, and Emma Goldman
  • Baley Halberstadt: Creating a new reality: Saturday Night Live and perceptions of political candidates
  • Stephen Jones: The future of genetic testing
  • Jennie Martell: Does study abroad increase confidence?
  • Alana Murphy: An analysis of the factors controlling NASCAR attendance patterns
  • Kayla Pollock: Federal involvement in education: Is it benefiting America’s children?
  • Maci Reed: Men and women in nursing: Two different worlds
  • Jade Schitter: Vaccinating children
  • Nicholas Sparks: Nursing management of concussions in athletes
  • Caleb Strabavy: Privatization: What is it and why should it be used?
  • Sara Underhill: The relationship between Green Supply Chain Management and a value added triple bottom line

Session 5: Friday, April 29, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

  • Priya Abhyankar: Civil war within: Understanding autoimmune disease
  • Brandon Applegate: The long term effects of Creatine supplementation while resistance training
  • Jessica Bicknell: TBA
  • Nicole Heath: Impact of universal healthcare
  • Nicole Kiger: The social and psychological effects of occupational therapy
  • Mariah Longyear: Fighting America’s obesity epidemic: Using an established approach to eradicate a new problem
  • Kristin McClinton: Smart Meters: The future of power
  • Madalaine Mishler: The modern day American church’s response to the impoverished
  • Carly Nash: Oenology and a variety of chemical aspects correlating to health
  • Savannah Ramion: Tattoos: The road to acceptance in Western Society: An exploration of gender, misconceptions, and workplace acceptance
  • Leslie Schubert: Standardized testing: Past, present, and future
  • Shane Sizemore: Unrest in the Midwest: The Terre Haute General Strike of 1935
  • James Steele: Music as propaganda: A study of the effects of music during World War II
  • Cecilia van Wijk: Internet hinders deliberative discourse
  • Sam Wetherall: Childhood obesity treatment: Information to present and consider during interventions

Session 6: Friday, April 29, 2:00-4:00 PM

  • Beth Fox: Medical TV dramas and their perception on the medical field
  • Samantha Horn: Federally criminalizing cyber-bullying
  • Katelyn Huhn: The over-diagnosing of ADHD and using alternative methods to medications
  • Brandon Lewis: The causes Of childhood obesity and the disparity between the American and Italian industrial systems
  • Elise Lima: Thwarting greenwashing: Creating a governmental certification program to ensure authenticity of green marketing claims
  • Natasha Mathew: Why is Clostridium Difficile Colitis more prevalent today?
  • Cameron McQuern: The utilization of analytics in agriculture
  • Sasha Odom: How Autism Spectrum Disorder affects the individual and the family
  • Tyler Rimmel: Cardiovascular disease
  • Erin Slaubaugh: Big Brother: An analysis of the strategies and psychological components of the game
  • Tyler Strain: Technology and its impact on medicine
  • Jamina Tribbett: The lost generation: The generational effects of Brown v. Board of Education on African American students
  • Valerie Taylor: The relevance of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in our society today
  • Jamil Topsi: The impact of media consumption on motivation in second language acquisition
  • Lindsay Vair: GMOs: More than just “Frankenfoods”


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Dec. 3 & 4: University Honors Program Presentations

Posted by isulib on November 16, 2015

  • 12/3/2015 – University Honors Program Presentations (8:00 am – 4:00 pm) Events Area
  • 12/4/2015 – University Honors Program Presentations (8:00 am – 4:00 pm) Events Area

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April 30 & May 1: Honors Students Present Poster Sessions

Posted by isulib on April 29, 2015

University Honors Program students will present their General Honors 401 senior theses in poster sessions on Thursday, April 30, and Friday, May 1, in the in the Cunningham Memorial Library Events Area. Posters of student research will be displayed and discussed in morning (10 AM to 12 PM) and afternoon (1 PM to 3 PM) sessions each day. A complete schedule of titles and presenters is located below.

Session 1: Thursday, April 30, 10:00 AM – 12:00PM

  • Taryn Ash: TBA
  • Mallory Barger: Childhood trauma and psychosis
  • Kara Couwenhoven: The influential internet: Impact of social media on business, news, and education
  • Daniel Ferguson: The global fraud epidemic – a multi-trillion dollar industry
  • Amber Forrestall: TBA
  • Meghan Francis: Loving the unlovable
  • Ashley Furtek: Determining which physical ability test best prepares police officers for duty: An analysis of crime, arrest, and death rates
  • Heather Keltz: The Deluge and the Black Sea Hypothesis: Does the ancient mythology support the current research?
  • Katherine Matthias: Miyazaki mania: Why Hayao Miyazaki’s films are so popular
  • Rachel Mullinnix: Modern day sexism
  • Megan Riffe: The mentally ill in the criminal justice system: Incarceration, treatment, and training
  • Evan Rush: Incentivizing and catalyzing the creation of healthier life styles in the United States
  • Makenzie Utterback: The effects of fragmentation on native and migratory songbirds with an emphasis on the Wood Thrush (Hylocichla mustelina)

Session 2: Thursday, April 30, 1:00 PM – 3:00PM

  • Bethany Alkire: The role of nonprofits on healthcare
  • Tyler Biggs: A survey of denominations in Christianity and why they occur
  • Luke Carr: Horror films and why they work (when they work)
  • Gary Cauley: TBA
  • Emily Cuffle: Heritability of mutation in Game of Thrones
  • Landon Curry: Show me the money: Are professional athletes worth their compensation?
  • Drew Feutz: (A lack) of financial literacy in America
  • Baylor Gardner: Coo, coup, coop: Middle English’s Pidgin Theory reserves no right to nest in English history
  • Jacquelyn Gary: The evolution of supply chain and predictions for its future
  • Ciara Hall: The efficiency of ice in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) as a result of eccentric exercise in an athletic population
  • Shannon Hamilton: Relationship between setting and exertional heat illness: A systematic review
  • Hallie Harbison: No one should be called a great woman composer: An inquiry on the treatment of women composers of classical music
  • Faith Haugh: The role of social media marketing in the fashion industry
  • Nathaniel Lee: How effective are short-term missions in underdeveloped countries?
  • David Meissel: Type 1 diabetes and medical advancements improving quality of life for patients
  • Molly Mishler: Contrast therapy models in phonological intervention
  • Jordan O’Connor: Napping on the nightshift: Saying goodnight to sleep-deprived nursing care
  • Samantha Smith: What determines human sexual orientation and its social impacts?
  • Ellery Steele: Does it pay to be a sugar baby?
  • Katelyn Walters: Safety and the 1500 hour rule for pilots
  • Brianna Walker: The essentials of communication through language for deaf and hard of hearing children

Session 3: Friday, May 1, 10:00 AM – 12:00PM

  • Lindsay Baggerly: TBA
  • Sam Barnes: TBA
  • Kristin Belter: Pediatric oncology nursing
  • Ashley Borhart: National cultural values on users’ perception of dining experience – a meta-analysis
  • Shelby Coleman: Emergency nursing
  • Shelby Cope: Standardized testing: A standardized problem
  • Kathryn Downey: Genius and madness: The intriguing affair
  • Marvin Elmore: Eating babies, respecting authoritah, and killing dictators: Social criticisms of satire and offensive humor
  • Dylan Gentilcore: The function of theatre in American society: Broadway blues and Shakespeare shakes
  • Julie Goodwin: Creating the best program possible on a college campus based off of Vincent Tinto’s Interactionist Theory of Retention
  • Richard Hansen: Creating temporary homes: An evaluation of study abroad housing situations
  • Simone Hill: A chain reaction: An analysis of the relationship between ineffective supply chain management and the rising cost of healthcare
  • Michael Hirschy: A love affair with death: The use of capital punishment in the United States
  • Jami Moore: Spina Bifida: Etiology, epidemiology, treatment and parenting
  • Kenneth Ndife: Is it because you’re black? Racial health disparities in the U.S.
  • Annie Newkirk: The attested power of art therapy relies heavily on clientele base
  • Alex Stower: Pitfalls of integration
  • Brooke Truax: The Book Battle: Print books versus E-books
  • Sara Umphries: Multicultural education: How do we do that?
  • Jonathan Wachala: The use of humor and drama in advertising

Session 4: Friday, May 1, 1:00 PM – 3:00PM

  • Emily Barrett: Disordered eating within collegiate athletics
  • Kira Clouse: Modern implications for the Mayan people of the Spanish colonization in the Yucatán
  • Cassie Cox: The effects of using alternative and augmentative communication with nonverbal children on the autism spectrum
  • Sonja Cox: Psychological cues of yawning: How reading affects the phenomenon
  • Jillian Dixon: Examination of a caregiver’s role and career strain: Compassion fatigue, burnout, and the nursing shortage
  • Nicholas Gallina: A review of quorum sensing and biofilm formation in Staphylococccus aureus
  • Ashley Haack: They screwed up, they’re not screw-ups: The role of positive mentors on juvenile delinquents
  • Meghan Hoskins: Neoliberalism, consumer culture and climate change
  • Jacob Howe: Prison industrial complex: Institutional problems within the United States prison system
  • Nicole Keeling: The best practices for treatment and diagnosis of feeding disorders in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Erika Lomax: TBA
  • Katie Lugar: Sexism on college campuses
  • Becca Muick: Making decisions in the food industry: What do you offer and how
  • Zachery Nickerson: Assessing bats’ use of swimming pools as an alternative water source in the United States
  • Allison Rademacher: Learning and the brain: Sensory integration and boosting brain power
  • Jonathan Ritch: Zombie fever: The rise of the undead in popular culture
  • Brittany Roberts: Pura Vida: How it embodies the lifestyle and culture of Costa Rica
  • Lauren Rollings: TBA

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Dec. 1 & 2: Honors Program Poster Sessions

Posted by isulib on December 1, 2014

Honors Day PresentersHonors Program will be having their General Honors 401 Poster Sessions today and tomorrow, in the Library Events Area.  Each day will be split into 2 sessions.  The morning session is from 10 am – noon and the afternoon session will run from 1 pm – 3 pm, each day.  Each session will have different students’ work.

Session 1 – December 1: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

  • Hydie Aroune, Biology: How does foreign language affect the brain?
  • Morgan Brown, History: An examination of the psychological, administrative and financial aspects of adoption
  • Kaylee Jo Fox, Multi-disciplinary Studies: Learning the language of violence: The role of violence in masculinity
  • Jaleigh Harlow, Elementary Education: From chalkboards to Smartboards: Changes of technology in the classroom
  • Mariyam Houston, Biology: Brain asymmetry
  • Samantha Rivera, Nursing: Vaccination myths
  • Katherine Runge, Political Science: Intersection of gender and party: Issue and non-issue messages primed by female primary candidates for the U.S. House
  • Joel Yoder, Art: Design agency ethics: Learning from the presentHonors-2 Honors Day Presenters

Session 2 – December 1: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

  • Lacey Brinegar, Chemistry: If it’s yellow, let it mellow: Ending an antiquated problem
  • Cara Cribelar, Nursing: Reducing stigma and promoting mental health awareness in the United States
  • Emily Gauer, Biology: Examination of the medical and financial components of targeted cancer therapy
  • Emma Gearhart, Speech-Language Pathology: Stuttering relapse and the effect on quality of life as influenced by the media
  • Devon Jacobs, Elementary Education: Why do college students join Greek life?
  • Lauren Karbowski, Nursing: TBA
  • Macy Mayle, Biology: Exploration of Alzheimer’s Disease: An investigation of possible causes and treatments
  • Tanner McCarty, Communication with Concentration in Human Communication: TBA
  • Cameron Meyer, Biology: Future applications of stem cells in organ transplantation
  • Jamie Poore, Nursing: Improving maternal outcomes for the adolescent mother
  • Awilda Romero, Political Science: TBA
  • Amber Wilcox, Chemistry: The effects of home life on a child’s education


Session 3 – December 2: 10:00 AM -12:00 PM

  • Hanna Brant, Political Science: The interaction of gender and ambition in Congress
  • Crista Dusek, Nursing: An investigation into the effects of cancer on a child’s siblings
  • Emily Fox, English: The roller coaster that only goes up: The rise of young adult literature
  • Kelsey Foy, Special Education-Elementary Education: Inclusion: How it affects your child
  • Kelsie Gregg, Athletic Training: Penalties that last a lifetime
  • Jorgi Henson, Communication with Concentration in Public Relations: The use of Twitter as a news source
  • Whitney Neukam, Communication with Concentration in Human Communication: Attachment styles and domestic violence
  • Kacie Nicoson, Nursing: Immunizations: The international controversy
  • Rose Robins, Elementary Education: Literacy intervention in elementary school
  • Elizabeth Steele, Fine Arts: Mario vs the Mona Lisa: The debate on video games as a form of contemporary artistic expression
  • Elle Steele, Biology: Plastic surgery: An overview of the history, psychological disorders, and technological impacts
  • Jessica Waldren, Mathematics: The unescapable notion of gender in mathematics


Session 4 – December 2: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

  • Collin Cummings, Social Studies Education: The effectiveness of U.S. afterschool programs in meeting the needs of disadvantaged youth, growing responsible citizens, and fostering better communities
  • Akacia Darnell, Special Education-Elementary Education: Benefits of parental involvement in their child’s education
  • Sarah Ford, Biology: TBA
  • Ashlee James, History: ‘Nothing new under the sun’: The renewed interest in classical culture and literature in postmodern society
  • Carly McDonald, English, Biology: Enter Ophelia: The mental health of women in modern literature
  • Zachary Nickerson, Biology: A history of metal pollution in the Wabash River, Vigo County, using geochemical records from pond and wetland sediments
  • Christopher Poindexter, Psychology: Exercise and its effect on mental health
  • Haley Robinaugh, Interior Design: The impact of good design on affordable housing
  • Abbey Rogers, Political Science: Are college-aged students politically socialized by their former high school’s demographics?
  • Kristopher Rogers, Chemistry: Back to the future: A science-fiction film analysis of past, present, and future
  • Austin Thomas, Chemistry: The Encyclopedia Wiki     

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