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Project Success Students in the Library

Posted by isulib on August 18, 2016

On Wednesday August 17, Reference/Instruction Librarians Marsha Miller and Karen Evans provided the library component of Project Success. Reference/Instruction has been involved in this special early fall semester week-long initiative since its beginnings in 2009.

This year, between 2:00 and 3:15 the student cohorts (50 students total, cohorts A Different World and First Sycamores) rotated between 3 Academic Resources presentations (Your Academic Life):

  • Library (in Library Events),
  • Center for Student Success (in 028) and
  • the Math & Writing Center (in the Center).

Coordinated by Stephanie Pearcy, Director of First Year Student Outreach and Success in the University College, students attend a section of Univ 101 and meet with various campus entities, culminating in a closing banquet on Thursday August 18. This year’s goals were more familiarity with campus people rather than lots of subject matter. Other presentations that week are under these themes: Advising/Social Justice; Student Life; Looking at Your Future; Helping Hand. Project Success students will also help with the regular student move-in on Saturday and Sunday.

Karen and Marsha presented 20-25 minute lively snippets about the library. Some of the information shared is shown below.


Always start with a word cloud!


                                First year students need to know how many different components                                          make up a university library


                                                 First year students may use the building more than the                                                                actual resources during their first semester.


It’s hard to spot the books when you first enter the library, but they are there!


We have many ways for students to seek out help. If in the building, first stop is here.


We get a wide variety of questions thru chat. Linked from Blackboard sites too!


The newer way to contact librarians when a consulting appointment is needed.


The Reference/Instruction Librarians and Staff

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